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Trippy Tiger series 2023 Combat shorts Purple

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Sink your teeth into our latest mesmerizing “Trippy Tiger” design collab with Slovenian digital

graphic artist, Voja.

Your opponent won’t know what’s hitting them (That would be you.) as they get lost in the

psychedelic palette and patterns Voja is known for.

Prepare to embark on a mind-altering journey. These combat shorts aren’t just an apparel

choice; they are a statement of your unique style and unyielding determination on the mats.

Crafted from the finest 4-way stretch soft fabric, these combat shorts offer unrivaled freedom of

movement, allowing you to unleash your full potential during intense training sessions. The

blend of 80% polyester and 20% lycra ensures exceptional durability and flexibility, while

maintaining a lightweight feel that keeps you agile and focused.

To add a touch of even more unique style, the shorts feature a curved side opening, allowing for

a full range of motion and granting you the flexibility needed to execute even the most intricate

techniques effortlessly. Your movements will be fluid and dynamic, just like the tigers on your

shorts, empowering you to take control of every grappling exchange.

Experience ultimate comfort with the elastic waistband, providing a secure fit that adapts to your

body’s contours. No more distractions or readjustments during those crucial moments when

victory hangs in the balance. And with the flat drawstring featuring a plastic dip tip, you can

tighten or loosen with ease, achieving the perfect fit every time, so you can focus on the win.

A specially designed mouth guard pocket lets you keep your mouth guard within reach,

eliminating the need for interrupting your flow.

The sublimation printing technique employed in the creation of these shorts ensures vibrant,

long-lasting colors that won’t fade over time. Let the boldness of the latest Trippy Tiger design

reflect your inner fierceness and tenacity, making a striking impression on and off the mats.

PRE-ORDER OPEN NOW - Get your claws on these exclusive, limited edition designs. The

Trippy Tiger Combat Shorts are a fusion of art and function, created for those who dare to

challenge the norm and embrace their individuality. Unleash your inner beast, make a statement

and leave a lasting impression with these extraordinary shorts. Step onto the mats with

confidence, knowing that you possess a piece of wearable art that represents your passion for

both jiu jitsu and unique design. Embrace the psychedelia, harness the power of the tiger and

let your true colors shine through.

4 way stretch soft fabric (80% polyester x 20% lycra)

Flat drawstring with plastic dip tip

Mouth guard pocket

Sublimation printing technique

Curved side opening

Elastic waistband


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