About Us

Building quality products, enriching human life and benefiting society by practicing business to inspire people being an owner of their life. 




VHTS is established as a small company which makes apparel and gears for grapplers. Although its major products are based on grappling gears and fighting sports apparel, our aim is to expand the market towards out door activities and street wear world wide. 

Surrounded by fast changing social trend and increasing complexity, we human are often neglected from fierce social competition and bypass genuine values in their lives. VHTS believes that we need to live and cooperate together in order to cope with future obstacles be it natural or human disaster. We are seeking opportunities to support solving local social problems i.e., diminish school violence through sponsoring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after school program. 

Moreover we strongly believe that individuals should make their own efforts to maintain sound mind and healthy body before relying on the society. VHTS wants to nurture people to be stronger and tougher through active engagement in outdoor or indoor activities such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Martial arts and climbing; we affirm that those activities will reinforce human potential ability to overcome hardships and “never quit” spirit. VHTS is actively engaging in promoting grappling and fight sports via sponsoring active athletes and tournaments world wide.

Our design embraces minimalistic approach; VHTS thinks simple yet aesthetic product design reflects our “Be VERY HARD TO SUBMIT” philosophy well. We believe that simple and clean design last long and appeal diverse spectrum of population.